Webinar Details

The End-of-Year Advantage: Drafting a PBL Unit that Motivates and Engages All Students

What We'll Cover

In this webinar, you'll learn why the end of the school year (and summer school) are great times to try PBL.

We'll explore:

  • How to "PBL-ify" an existing unit or topic so you have a head start
  • How to identify a project that matters to students to increase motivation
  • How to give students a reason to care about the content to engage all students
  • Why "raising the stakes" leads to better work from students
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    How to build your unit around core skills, concepts, and standards to ensure academic challenge

 Dr. Amy Baeder 

Director, The Project-Based Learning Network

About The Presenter

Dr. Amy Baeder works as an independent consultant supporting instructional excellence in secondary schools, and remains a science teacher at heart.

She works closely with Educurious Partners to support the project-based Educurious biology curriculum. Her devotion to student success, interest in family-school connections and partnerships, as well as her commitment to quality teacher preparation drives her in her work.