Activate purposeful learning. 
Energize your instruction.
Deepen student learning.

About The Project-Based Learning Network

At The Project-Based Learning Network, we:

Connect PBL educators with each other and with ideas that will deepen their practice

Support educators and leaders as they utilize Project-Based Learning to bring about motivation, engagement, and deeper learning for all students

Provide tools, strategies, and inspiration that help educators implement PBL in their context


By providing a space for shared ideas, and collaboration, as well as offering tools and guidance around PBL, we aim to support rigorous, equitable PBL for students in every context.

Dr. Amy Baeder Director, The Project-Based Learning Network

What's Included

Regular Webinars

Members have access to trainings designed to help you implement Project-Based Learning strategies in your school. Join live, or access each training on-demand from our website.

Program Formats

Members have access to the following features that non-members don't:

  • Full video recordings, playable on computers or mobile devices
  • PDF Summaries
  • MP3 Downloads

Private Online Community

As a Network Member, you'll gain access to The Project-Based Learning Networks's exclusive online community, where you can access our latest resources, videos, and discussions. You can share your progress, ask questions, and get immediate help from our team and your peers

Fishbowl Coaching

In Fishbowl Coaching sessions, PBLN members get detailed "on-stage" 1:1 help with their PBL questions and challenges from me. If you're the focus of a discussion, you'll walk away with a clear focus and specific action steps for implementing PBL in your context. Members will receive summaries of these discussions with transferable insights you can apply in your school.